SUHBA proudly welcomes new member Zion’s Tiny Homes!

They build beautiful Tiny House RV’s for people all over the United States. Call Zion’s Tiny Homes at (435) 359-0168 or email or check out their website at to learn more about what these Tiny House Rvs are all about!

AW Carter, LLC is one of our newest members, and we are proud to welcome them to SUHBA!

From fine furniture for elegant settings, to modern, minimalist cabinetry, they are committed to beautiful design and durable construction.

Call (435) 462-5459 or visit their website at or email to learn more!

SUHBA is proud to welcome new member Pioneer Floor Coverings!

Pioneer Floor Coverings and Design Center is the premier flooring provider in Southern Utah.

You’ll find amazing prices, unique design options, incredible service from one of their many professionals, and a variety of flooring options that can’t be matched.

Call (435) 586-3232; visit their web site at; or email and let them show you that shopping for flooring can be fun again!

Welcome New Members!

Southern Utah Home Builders Association is proud to welcome Minky Mania as one of our newest members!

Visit their website at to view blankets that caress you!

Call (801) 347-6475 or email to find out more.

Welcome, Minky Mania!

Welcome to Western Woods, Inc., one of SUHBA’s newest members!

They provide a large variety of natural and enhanced mineral specimens, tumbled stones, semi-precious stone jewelry, figurines, educational items, and many products made from agate, amethyst, petrified wood, and onyx to retailers worldwide.

Call (435) 632-5604 or email or check out their website at

Welcome Western Woods, Inc.!

We are happy to welcome another new member, Left Lane Excavation!

Call these fine excavators at (435) 705-4895 or email them at to find out how they can assist you with your excavating projects.

Welcome Left Lane Excavation!

Welcome New Member!

SUHBA proudly welcomes new member, Vivix Marketing!

Located in Henderson, Nevada, Vivix Marketing provides all types of marketing to help businesses reach their full potential.

Call (385) 224-5077 or email to learn more!

HSA Healthplan

The Home Builders Association of Utah is excited to announce a new member benefit – a health insurance plan called HSA Healthplan, offered by Fringe Benefit Analysts. The HBA of Utah has endorsed this exclusive HBA Member Benefit Plan because of the savings some members have been experiencing, approximately 10-15%. Some unique benefits include shared savings, price transparency, steps incentive- including cash deposits into your HSA and a free Garmin Device, and Rx savings.  Click here or contact Kim Nielsen at 801.546.7409 for more information.

We are proud to welcome two more new members to the Southern Utah Home Builders Association!

Innovative Builders Inc.

You can call them at 435.215.9789 or send them an email at to find out about all they can do for you!

Tapetex Drywall

You can find them at their web site, Call Tapetex Drywall at 435.668.7710 to find out all they can do for you!