Members of the Year

Businesses of the Southern Utah Home Builders Association are honored annually for extraordinary association, industry, and community service excellence with the presentation of the SUHBA “Members of the Year” awards.

The selection criteria are derived from many factors including association service (local, national or state), community service, and various other positive contributions the business makes to the community and the Association. This year we are pleased to present several SUHBA members with an award.

Members of the Year 2021

Builder Member of the Year

Kason Traveller - K.H. Traveller Custom Homes

In our experience over many years, most builders who have been elected President of SUHBA have not desired this position, nor actively pursued becoming President. As this is the same case with Kason Traveller, the 2021 SUHBA President. He never desired to be in the spotlight nor wanted the attention or focus as the President. Kason agreed to run because he truly cares about the building industry and believes in the mission of SUHBA. Kason is a lifetime St George resident and he grew up on a construction site working with his father, Kay Traveller. This is when he was introduced to construction that would later become his career path. Kason accepted to do something that he was not comfortable with as President, but has become one of the best leaders we have ever had here at SUHBA! Kason is a true leader because he stepped-outside his comfort zone to push himself into a strong leadership role. What many people don’t realize, being President takes many long hours, sometimes late night conversations, weekends during the Parade of Homes, conflict resolution, unexpected and countless meetings, etc.

Kason is a strong supporter of community service. When issues started arising with law enforcement, he didn’t hesitate to step-up and ask for SUHBA to support “Back-the-Blue.” When some of our members were in need, he made recommendations for SUHBA to support them. When we had city building issues, he contacted the Mayor of St. George in whom he calls, “Mama Randall” to help get them resolved. We have been so impressed with the many community leaders that Kason has on speed dial. Kason doesn’t dwell on issues, but he goes into problem solving mode, and works to resolve issues quickly. Kason has high integrity in everything he does and leads by example, not just talks about it. He loves the people he works with and they become great friends.

Kason had to pivot several times as President when dealing with unexpected Covid issues. There was a point when we were deciding to move forward with the Parade or postpone it. He gathered the facts, sought input by SUHBA  leaders, and then made the best decision possible. Under his leadership, we had one of the best and most-attended Parade of Homes, even during Covid. We started the Virtual Tour experience that has proven to be highly beneficial by bringing additional exposure to builders and members.

Kason never shied away from difficult issues when they were on the table. Under his leadership we had a special meeting to address concerns and one of the results of the meeting was to give more time to builders to construct Parade homes. He took the reins with a strong desire to do what’s best for the members as a whole, even when it conflicted with his own personal opinions. This is the meaning of a great leader. We are very appreciative of Kason for pushing himself to do something that he never desired, but did it for the good of the industry. We recognize Kason Traveller as the “2021 Builder Member of the Year .”


Supplier Associate Member of the Year

Jones Paint & Glass

Jones Paint & Glass has been a SUHBA member for almost 30 years! They have been providing building materials to the construction industry since 1938. Jones Paint & Glass continues to be a great community partner and strong supporter of SUHBA and the building industry. They have sponsored many events and programs with SUHBA throughout the years.  They have been one of our main sponsors for the annual Charity Golf Tournament for many years and in part because of their support we have been able to give away approximately $30,000 in scholarships annually.

Their company leaders and employees have served on countless committees, serve on our Board of Directors, donated hundreds of hours towards community service projects like building and later expanding the Doctors Volunteer Clinic, participation in the annual SUHBA for Service Day, etc. They continue to sponsor our Scholarship Golf Tournament and provide one of the most popular games in the tournament- “Break the Glass.” The best part, you don’t even have to break the glass to get their world-famous glass cleaner.

It’s because of outstanding members like Jones Paint & Glass that SUHBA is a strong organization. We invite Brian Giles, General Manager & Bruce Frodsham, Division Manager to come and accept the “2021 Supplier Member of the Year Award.” Thank you for the outstanding support.


Service Associate Member of the Year

Nan Glauser - Sun American Mortgage

If you have the opportunity to know Nan Glauser, she instantly becomes your life-long friend! She loves people and is full of energy as well.  Nan has been involved with SUHBA for many years. She is an outstanding member who sees the value of participation with SUHBA and the networking opportunities available to meet new people and build long-term relationships.

When Nan chaired the SUHBA Golf Tournament committee, it became an instant party, while achieving high goals to raise money for scholarships. She has no fear in doing crazy things to promote an event she believes in. She has dressed up to promote the golf tournament and became Michael Jackson’s side-kick to promote a SUHBA membership drive. Nan understands that we are in the people business. She continues to go above and beyond to help others and provides excellent service to her clients at Sun American Mortgage.

Nan is a great communicator and works with her clients, keeping them updated throughout the entire process. She truly cares about people and collaborates to find the best possible solutions. We sincerely appreciate Nan Glauser for her many contributions to SUHBA and to the home building industry and recognize her as the “2021 Service Member of the Year Award.”


Trade Contractor Member of the Year

Eric Sweeney - Sweeney Professional Painting

Eric Sweeney, owner of Sweeney Professional Painting has been involved in the construction industry for 30 years, of which 24 years has been in southern Utah. When you think of Eric, you think of someone who is positive, wants to help people, and smiles a lot.

Alongside being a contractor and business owner, Eric currently serves on the SUHBA Board of Directors. Eric is one of the first to offer help where needed. He has a passion to give back to the community in which him and his family not only work, but making a living as well. Eric has helped with numerous charity organizations including painting the Children’s Justice Center, the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic, and the St. George Children’s Museum. He volunteers his time with the SUHBA Scholarship Golf Tournament and helped direct high school students with inspecting the home they built as part of the Parade of Homes. Given how extremely busy he is with his business and the booming construction industry, it is remarkable the amount of time he donates in helping others.

Eric is a true leader who is paving the way for others to follow. We recognize Eric Sweeney, Sweeney Professional Painting as the “2021 Trade Contractor Member of the Year Award.”

Outstanding Community Partner

Washington County School District - Construction Program - Dave Gardner & Justin Wanlass

It all started with conversations about the need for more labor force in the construction industry and the desire to promote construction careers to high school students. We know learning trade skills offers an alternative to going to a four-year college and to avoid student debt. After several conversations with the Washington County School District representatives and SUHBA, it was decided that the high school students would build a home and SUHBA would include in the Parade of Homes.

The dream became a reality over three years ago and a new home has been featured every year since. Over 4,100 Parade attendees walked through the 2021 home with students serving as hosts of the home and displaying their hard-work and outstanding craftsmanship as a badge of honor. The WCSD construction program started with 8 students, one class, and one teacher. Today, and three homes later, it has grown to 65 students, four classes and two teachers. This does not include the interior design classes, cabinet making classes, sheds being built at the middle school, etc.

Now, a CTE High School is currently being built to be opened in 2023. It will feature a construction program for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. This is a pipeline to fill construction jobs in the future. None of this would have been possible without two outstanding individuals- Dave Gardner, Director of Career & Technical Education and Justin Wanlass, Construction Program Instructor. Because of them, students who were failing school, dropping-out, had no self-worth, now have found their passion and purpose. Students have shown renewed interest in school and they are learning hands-on construction skills to qualify them for higher-paying jobs. Dave and Justin are inspirational leaders who are changing lives for the better. We sincerely appreciate our great partnership and look forward to expanding this program well into the future. We recognize the “2021 Outstanding Community Partner Award” to the Washington County School District Construction Program – Dave Gardner & Justin Wanlass.


Above & Beyond Award

TDS Telecom

Not every year do we give out this award, but we feel TDS Telecom is very deserving as they continue to go above and beyond, not only with SUHBA but with their community efforts as well.

TDS representatives have donated their time with helping local nonprofit organizations through our SUHBA for Service Day. They feel it is important to give back to their community and to help people in need. TDS has continued to donate internet for our annual Parade of Homes events for many years. We know this is a substantial contribution because we have researched what the cost would be if we had to provide internet. They are a strong supporter of the Parade of Homes, the housing industry, and sponsor many of the SUHBA events. Representatives have served on committees and are always willing to help where help is needed.

We also want to point out that TDS recently gave $20,000 to the Housing Action Coalition in support of finding attainable housing solutions. Three outstanding representatives from TDS Telecom are here today and we recognize and thank them for their great support of SUHBA. We invite Brenda Cody, Bob Drabicki, and Trent Fenton to accept the “2021 Above and Beyond Award.” Thank you for your outstanding support of SUHBA and the community.


All Star Spikes

Kelly Stephens - 361 points
Brett Boyce - 359 points
Troy Ence - 290.5 points
Jay Bradley - 233.5 points
Paul Magleby - 212 points
Cary Blake - 210 points
Austin Anderson - 195 points
Stephen Sheffield - 182.5 points
Garret Bangerter - 137.5 points
Seth Foster - 136 points

Past Winners


  • Builder Member – Brett Burgess, Development Solutions Group
  • Supplier Associate Member – Rick Udy, A Truss 2.0, LLC
  • Service Associate Member – Jaron Hunt, Dixie Leavitt Agency
  • Trade Contractor – Angie Marshall, Tasteful Trends Interiors
  • Defender of Housing – Matt Loo, Washington City
  • Above & Beyond – Emilee Knudsen and Team, Infinex
  • Housing Attainability – Drake Howell & Dave Nielsen, Cole West Home


  • Builder Member – Seth Foster, American Heritage Homes
  • Supplier Associate Member – Carpets Plus
  • Service Associate Member – Fred Walker, InfoWest
  • Trade Contractor – Lynn Oyler, Cool That Garage
  • Honorary HBA Lifetime Achievement Award – In Honor of Casey Brown, Better Professional Painting
  • Honorary HBA Lifetime Achievement Award – In Honor of Joe Bowcutt
  • Defender of Housing – John Willis, City of St. George


  • Builder Member – Jeff Madsen – Interstate Homes
  • Supplier Associate Member – Russ Lee – Countertop Source
  • Service Associate Member – Kaleb DeMille – Main Street Insurance Agency
  • Trade Contractor – Gil Almquist – Gil Almquist Landscaping
  • HBA Lifetime Achievement – Mark Fahrenkamp – Fahrenkamp Inc.
  • Outstanding Community Partner – Washington County Board of Realtors
  • Defender of Housing – Zachary Renstrom
  • Above and Beyond – Kathy & Gerry Holzapfel – Slate Ridge Homes


  • Builder Member – Dave Weller – High Desert Homes
  • Supplier Associate Member – Boulvevard Home Furnishings
  • Service Associate Member – State Bank of Southern Utah
  • Trade Contractor – Carl Waldvogel – Utah Stone Company
  • HBA Lifetime Achievement – Craig Davis
  • Outstanding Community Partner – Dixie Technical College
  • Honorary Builder Member of the Year – Brendan Seal


  • Builder Member – Del Gardner – DG Ventures
  • Supplier Associate Member – John Henderson – Sunroc
  • Service Associate Member – Murray Gubler – Zions Bank
  • Trade Contractor – Brian Thornley – Sunland Plumbing, LLC
  • Above & Beyond – Michael Low – Concrete Innovations
  • Hall of Fame – James Sullivan, S&S Homes
  • Home Builders Care – Jeff Madsen – Interstate Rock Products