Members of the Year

Businesses of the Southern Utah Home Builders Association are honored annually for extraordinary association, industry, and community service excellence with the presentation of the SUHBA “Members of the Year” awards.

The selection criteria are derived from many factors including association service (local, national or state), community service, and various other positive contributions the business makes to the community and the Association. This year we are pleased to present several SUHBA members with an award.

Members of the Year 2018

Builder Member of the Year

Jeff Madsen, Interstate Homes

Interstate Homes, Jeff Madsen was selected from more than 110 active builder members for this honor which recognizes extraordinary industry and community service. Jeff followed his dad, Mike Madsen to become a second generation SUHBA President. Interstate Homes/Rock Products have been members for over 14 years. Interstate Homes and Jeff Madsen donated hundreds of service hours in support of SUHBA and the building industry. Jeff went above and beyond as the 2018 SUHBA President. Under his direction and leadership, we created the SUHBA for Service Day in which 400 service hours were donated in helping local nonprofit organizations with repairs and improvement projects. The year before, Interstate Homes/Jeff Madsen was the lead General Building Contractor in constructing a training center and outdoor pavilion at the Marion D. Hanks Scout Camp. This will stand for years as a legacy for youth development in our community. Jeff actively promotes continuing education in the construction industry and believes a life-long personal and business education is essential to success.

In support of Careers in Construction, Jeff stepped outside his comfort zone and became the lead actor in the SUHBA Careers in Construction video to attract students into the construction industry. He represented SUHBA in many Government Affairs meetings, traveled long distances to meet with legislative representatives, conducted many meetings, and represented SUHBA in a professional way. Jeff has built several Parade homes and was instrumental in turning a gravel pit into a beautiful housing development known as Grandpa’s Pond in Hurricane, Utah. Jeff is married to his beautiful wife Natalie and they are proud parents of six children.

We sincerely appreciate Interstate Homes, Jeff Madsen for his outstanding leadership skills and support of SUHBA and the building industry. Congratulations on receiving the 2018 Builder Member of the Year Award.


Supplier Associate Member of the Year

Russ Lee, Countertop Source

Countertop Source has been a SUHBA member for over 9 years and is a strong supporter of SUHBA and the building industry. We appreciate Anthony Barlow and Russ Lee for their support. We are honoring Countertop Source and Russ Lee today for his active participation in SUHBA. 

Russ Lee has been involved in the construction industry for more than 30 years as a countertop fabricator. Russ is active on the Membership Committee and has hosted several meetings at their location. They show support of SUHBA and the industry by being a mentor and encourage others to get involved. Countertop Source has been an exhibitor for many years and strong supporter of the Parade of Homes. They also have received a safety award for their efforts in making safety a priority within their own company.

Russ has been married to Jan for four years and together they have six children and eight grandchildren. We appreciate the long-term support of Countertop Source. Congratulations for receiving the Supplier Associate Member of the Year Award.

Service Associate Member of the Year

Kaleb DeMille, Main Street Insurance Agency

Main Street Insurance Agency has been a SUHBA member for over seven years. Kaleb DeMille has been an owner of Main Street Insurance since 2009 and is a strong supporter of SUHBA.

Kaleb has served for several years on the Parade of Homes and Golf Tournament committees. He has been instrumental in the continued success of these events. Kaleb is currently serving on the SUHBA Board of Directors and is Chairman for the 2019 Parade of Homes Exhibits Committee. Kaleb is married to Roxane and they have four children.

Main Street Insurance makes it a priority to get involved with community service projects to help make our community better. Most recently, Danielle Alonzo, another valued team member helped with our SUHBA for Service Day and worked on building a Habitat for Humanity home. Beth Dunford, another valued team member contributed her time in helping research insurance benefits for members. We recognize Main Street Insurance Agency for their excellent support of SUHBA and the construction industry.

Congratulations for receiving the 2018 Service Associate Member of the Year award.

Trade Contractor Member of the Year

Gil Almquist, Gil Almquist Landscaping

A great example of a SUHBA member who truly cares about the building industry and the community in which he lives is Gil Almquist. Gil has devoted many years to public service and has served on the St. George City Council and was recently elected to County Commissioner. Gil is currently serving on the Dixie Technical College Board of Directors representing the construction industry. Gil works hard to protect and promote continued growth in our area and recognizes it is vital for economic stability.

Gil Almquist Landscaping has been a member for 17 years! Gil has served on our Government Affairs Committee and the SUHBA Board of Directors. He has participated in many Parade of Homes over the years, and when it comes to a deadline, he will work day and night to meet it.

Gil and his wife, Jill have been married 37 years, raised three children and celebrate four grandchildren. Gil recognizes the need for building industry professionals to become involved in public service and unite together in protecting the housing industry.

SUHBA sincerely appreciates Gil Almquist for his dedicated service. Congratulations for receiving the 2018 Trade Contractor Member of the Year.

Above and Beyond Award

Gerry & Kathy Holzapfel, Slate Ridge Homes

When you work and serve with fellow SUHBA members, even if they are technically competitors, they become more than business associates, they become your friends. This is networking fulfilling its intended purpose. Our friends, Kathy & Gerry of Slate Ridge Homes set the bar very high for active SUHBA participation. They continue to stay         involved and donate many hours of selfless service.

In this past year, they served on the Parade of Homes Committee, Banquet Committee, Golf Committee, attended SUHBA Luncheons, recruited members, encouraged members to renew, built a Parade home, attended the Building Conference, attended education workshops, cooked at the Member Appreciation BBQ, and participated with the SUHBA for Service Day helping local nonprofit organizations.

This is not everything they did, but a sampling of their commitment to SUHBA and the building industry. All of this was contributed while Kathy was dealing with significant health issues! When Kathy could not attend a meeting or event, Gerry was there representing both of them! Gerry was also keeping his business running, while taking care of his beautiful wife. 2018 was beyond challenging for both of them and their family.

Words cannot describe our sincere appreciation to Kathy and Gerry Holzapfel, Slate Ridge Homes. Congratulations for receiving the 2018 Above & Beyond Award recipients. 

HBA Lifetime Achievement Award

Mark Fahrenkamp, Fahrenkamp, Inc.

Mark Fahrenkamp has been involved with SUHBA for over 23 years and is a great supporter of the building industry. Mark is a past-SUHBA President and Parade Chairman. Under his direction, Code of Ethics for SUHBA members became a priority and remains a priority today. SUHBA members contribute significant volunteer hours, not only in SUHBA, but in their community as well. Mark is a great example of this type of community service.

Many years ago, our previous Executive Officer, Carol Sapp asked Mark to serve on the Dixie Technical College (formerly DXATC) Board of Directors. This was at least 12 years ago, and he served as Chairman seven of those years! Mark continued to serve on this board year-after-year representing the construction industry and just finished his term in 2018. Last year was the most difficult and challenging year on record. Under his service as Chair on the Dixie Tech Board and with great vision from President Kelle Stephens, they turned a dream into reality with the completion of a 160,000 square foot new campus located on Tech Ridge. This campus will support training of skilled labor which is greatly needed in the construction industry. In 2018, right before the ribbon cutting of the beautiful campus, President Kelle Stephens was let go by a State Board. Mark and the Dixie Tech Board of Directors strongly supported Kelle Stephens and disagreed with what happened. After many, many meetings, long nights, significant travel to northern Utah, Kelle, Mark and the Board, including fellow SUHBA members Gil Almquist, Darcy Stewart, Ed Burgess, and Ray Odette were able to challenge and succeed in receiving justice for Kelle by obtaining her position back.

Never underestimate strength in numbers by joining and uniting together to promote a good cause. This is how the foundation of SUHBA was created and still stands today. We recognize Mark Fahrenkamp for his outstanding efforts in a Lifetime Achievement of supporting the building industry and community service.

Defender of Housing Award

Zachary Renstrom

SUHBA created a new award this year with the purpose of recognizing individuals for their contributions in helping to defend and keep housing a priority in our community. This inaugural award goes to Zachary Renstrom. SUHBA representatives work hard to build and strengthen relationships, especially in government relations. Zach has been a long-term partner with SUHBA through our government affairs relations.

Zach was part of Bush and Gudgell which has been a SUHBA member over the years. He recently completed service as a County Commissioner and now is the Deputy Manager of the Washington County Water Conservancy District. Zach is someone who we can go to when we are having an issue and he is always willing to listen and work together to problem solve. He is not set in his ways, but keeps an open mind and works to find win-win solutions. In the past, Zach has brought to our attention when the building industry should become involved in an issue. Zach was instrumental in a water meeting where we brought together builders and water district representatives. This forum provided an opportunity to address concerns by builders, provide opportunity to ask questions and obtain answers, and for builders to see first-hand water projects that are servicing the housing community.

Zach is an excellent leader and makes it a priority to listen to concerns and works well with all parties to find solutions. Zach will be leading and planning water management to meet the needs of our growing community. Zach has a beautiful family, married to Alison and they have three children.

We recognize Zachary Renstrom for his contributions to the building industry and to honor him with the 2018 Defender of Housing Award.

Outstanding Community Partner Award

Washington County Board of Realtors

As part of SUHBA’s mission, representatives work to build relationships and community partnerships. Achievements of organizations are greater when we work together, rather than individually. The Washington County Board of Realtors (WCBR) is a great community partner and we recognize them as the 2018 Outstanding Community Partner of the Year Award. WCBR has been a SUHBA member for over 26 years! This is an excellent achievement!

In 2018, our organizations combined together for a Candidate Forum Luncheon and provided a platform for members to hear first-hand from candidates related to housing issues. We demonstrated strength in numbers by combining efforts. We consult with each other on candidate support related to housing priorities. WCBR continues to promote and support the annual St. George Area Parade of Homes. Their office becomes extremely busy leading up to and during the Parade of Homes selling tickets to their members. Together, we have presented education workshops and share information that is mutually beneficial to our members.

SUHBA and WCBR choose to build on common ground and this in turn builds a strong community. This is a rare partnership to see between Realtor and Builder relations throughout Utah and the nation. We respect our differences, work together to find solutions, and build relationships through common grounds. SUHBA also recognizes Vardell Curtis, Chief Executive Officer for over 22 years with the organization. He has been instrumental in building this long-standing relationship and we sincerely appreciate him and the organization’s efforts.

Congratulations to Washington County Board of Realtors for receiving the 2018 Outstanding Community Partner Award.

Spike of the Year Awards

We want to recognize the individual who recruited the most new members in 2018!

Riley Richardson, Richardson Brothers Custom Homes

We also want to recognize the individual who retained the most members during the past year.

Seth Foster, American Heritage Homes

All Star Spikes

Kelly Stephens - 361 points
Brett Boyce - 359 points
Troy Ence - 290.5 points
Jay Bradley - 233.5 points
Paul Magleby - 212 points
Cary Blake - 210 points
Austin Anderson - 195 points
Stephen Sheffield - 182.5 points
Garret Bangerter - 137.5 points
Seth Foster - 136 points

Past Winners


  • Builder Member – Dave Weller – High Desert Homes
  • Supplier Associate Member – Boulvevard Home Furnishings
  • Service Associate Member – State Bank of Southern Utah
  • Trade Contractor – Carl Waldvogel – Utah Stone Company
  • HBA Lifetime Achievement – Craig Davis
  • Outstanding Community Partner – Dixie Technical College
  • Honorary Builder Member of the Year – Brendan Seal


  • Builder Member – Del Gardner – DG Ventures
  • Supplier Associate Member – John Henderson – Sunroc
  • Service Associate Member – Murray Gubler – Zions Bank
  • Trade Contractor – Brian Thornley – Sunland Plumbing, LLC
  • Above & Beyond – Michael Low – Concrete Innovations
  • Hall of Fame – James Sullivan, S&S Homes
  • Home Builders Care – Jeff Madsen – Interstate Rock Products


  • Builder Member – Jair Almaraz – Ivory Homes
  • Supplier Associate Member – Marion Turley – Contractor’s Heating & Colling Supply
  • Service Associate Member – Joe Christopher – Newby Buick, Pontiac, GMC Truck, Inc.
  • Trade Contractor – John Costanza – Riverbend Landscape, LLC
  • Above & Beyond – Cary Blake, C Blake Homes, Inc.
  • Hall of Fame – James Sullivan, S&S Homes
  • Associate Member – Kerry Lewis – Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • Home Builders Care – Steve Stone, Steve Stone Masonry
  • HBA Lifetime Achievement – Garret Bangerter – Bangerter Homes of Southern Utah


  • Builder Member – Jake Joines – J2 Construction
  • Supplier Associate Member – Harold Haynie – Contractors Window Supply
  • Service Associate Member – Lane Roundy – LCR Design
  • Trade Contractor – Chris Larsen – Larsen Plumbing
  • Above & Beyond – Ethan Anderson – Xcellent Homes
  • Hall of Fame – Linda Baker – Worker’s Compensation Fund
  • Home Builders Care – Ryan and Michael Skeers – Santa Cruz Construction
  • Home Builders Care – Ray Odette – Ideal Contributors
  • Home Builders Care – Lorin Orvin – Lorin Orvin
  • HBA Lifetime Achievement – Stephen Sheffield – Keystone Construction & Design